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Thanks to our knowledge of project management and the capacity we have in this respect, we can see through both large-scale and small-scale projects for our clients and offer them a comprehensive solution.

We can manage several mechanical engineering disciplines and act as a point of contact for our clients.





Howicon engineering would be happy to give you mechanical advice and designs and supply technical drawings. These drawing assignments are either fully made by Howicon or are of parts, supplied by third parties, which must be integrated into a concept or installation (or a combination of these).

Our engineers use the software programs Autodesk Inventor and Tekla Structures.



We have a modern workshop with a wide range of equipment.

Our qualified construction fitters and welders have a broad range of welding qualifications and work with various materials of normal steels with special qualities in terms of heat, wear, and corrosion resistance.

Capaciteiten werkplaats

  Surface area 2400 m2
  Hoist 4 x 6.3 tons
  Cutting CNC plasma table, material size max. 6000 x 3000 x 40 mm
  Cutting 10 mm thick – 3000 mm wide• Press brake: max. width 3100 mm, max. 6 mm thick
  Rollers max. width 2000 mm, sheet thickness 10 mm
  Drilling max. diameter 50 mm
  Punching holes, round, rectangular
  Slot holes for material thicknesses up to 40 mm
  Sawing max. 350 mm



Howicon also helps clients to assemble, disassemble, and modify installations, equipment, and constructions.
Our assembly work includes engineering, manufacturing, and installation of intermediate installation parts such as pipes, ducts, and conveyors.
Modifications to buildings, floors, walls, and load-bearing parts are often part of the assembly job.

Howicon is VCA**certified. Working safely is the top priority.



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