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Howicon has been a broadly oriented mechanical engineering service provider since its founding in 1983, located in Elsloo, Limburg.
We have built up our knowledge and skills mainly in the process industry, petrochemicals, energy, and the civil sector.
Howicon’s strength lies in our flexibility and problem-solving ability combined with our short links, which enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive solution.


steel constructions



Howicon engineers, manufactures, and assembles custom steel constructions for industry as well as nonresidential and residential builds, from new construction projects to modifications to existing structures.

  production facilities and warehouses
  stairways and platforms
  footbridges and cycle bridges
  pipe bridges
  support structures
  engineering structures



Equipment and machine construction



Howicon specializes in the design and manufacture of complex equipment and machines made of various materials for industrial applications.

  furnaces and kilns
  filtration systems
  conveying systems
  pressure vessels
  heat exchangers
  batching systems



Helping our clients to optimize their production line maintenance. Striving for long-term partnerships with our clients via maintenance contracts.

We have extensive experience in managing maintenance stops (turnarounds).


technical support

We offer our clients various types of support in optimizing one or more of their business processes.

In order to achieve this, we provide skilled technicians when our clients need them.

  Service technician for water and electricity, including for malfunctions
  Construction worker / welder
  Plumber (heating technician for residential, nonresidential, and industrial buildings)
  Service technician (installation technology)
  Primary and secondary fitter
  Flange fitter / key fitter
  Air duct mechanic


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about these skilled technicians.

Our sales manager is Marco Wijnands.

Bel Marco Wijnandsmarco.wijnands@howicon .nl
Mail Marco Wijnands06-42074020



We are looking for experienced and skilled technicians for various clients in South Limburg.

(storing) Onderhoudsmonteur (W/E)
Constructiebankwerker allround
De constructiebankwerker vervaardigt zelfstandig van fabricagetekeningen constructies, constructiedelen, machinedelen e.d. van eenvoudig tot complex.

Download hier het volledige functieprofiel

Monteur industriële montage

De monteur industriële montage monteert zelfstandig binnen een team constructies, constructiedelen e.d. uit aangeleverde onderdelen en verricht overige montage en demontage werkzaamheden.

Download hier het volledige functieprofiel



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